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Coffee Shops

Think outside the cup. Coffee shops can utilize Lucit for their every advertisement need. From promoting limited-time drinks, to starting a hiring campaign, Lucit has got it covered

Coffee Shops

Customers like to visualize their coffee orders. But who can afford a separate advertisement for every cool order on the menu? Use Lucit, and your coffee shop clients won’t have to pick!

Rotating Drink Template

Lucit connects to back-end menu inventory software (or website) and automatically generates creatives based on the list of coffee drinks (or food items). This template also shows the most updated price of that specific item.

Post Template

Want to spread the word about that Pumpkin Spice Latte in October? Or the limited-time holiday menu in the month of December? Lucit’s post template is as
1) select photo
and 2) type caption.
Clients enjoy flexibility in choosing time duration and frequency when the ad runs on your screen.

Hiring Campaign

The post template can be used in so many ways. One easy and effective way to push a hiring campaign is through digital OOH. Clients who use Lucit can simply type the caption and choose a relevant photo for recruitment.

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