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Automotive Agency Partner Program

Join the Pre-Release sign- for the Lucit Agency Partner Program for Automotive Ad Agencies

What is it

The partner program is a platform for automotive advertising agencies to expand their reach to digital out-of-home (digital billboard) advertising in a data-connected, programmatic way

Lucit connects to your dealership data feeds (CDKGlobal, Homenet, VINSolutions, etc.), automatically generates digital billboard-sized creatives, and allows you to fully control your marketing on out-of-home screens.

This automated syndication works across all types of digital out-of-home media, software, and screen hardware as we have developed partnerships with major out-of-home companies throughout the United States

In addition, Lucit allows dealerships to post to digital billboard screens as they would on their social media, keeping their advertising in sync.

The Agency Partner platform will give agencies programmatic access to setup feeds, generative creatives and buy plays and impressions on over 5,000 digital billboard screens in the US.

Lucit simplifies the buying experience by improving the way in which automotive creatives are generated, pushed out to digital screens, and reported back on

Real-time data access gives agencies a complete view of the campaign, where it is playing and how often.

Why should agencies join?

As an agency, you are already connecting inventory and creatives to their digital display and social advertising. The Lucit platform will be an extension to your offerings allowing you to expand your automotive client’s reach onto real-world out-of-home screens.

Agency partners will receive

  1. Setup access for clients

  2. Simple control of campaigns across all operators/screen owners

  3. Complete campaign control regardless of billboard operator

  4. Template tools for building data-driven templates

  5. Programmatic purchasing tools for buying digital screens

  6. Access to real-time reporting and analytics

  7. Programmatic API Access for custom in-house tools and reporting allows you to link your systems directly to the Lucit platform.

How to request access?

Lucit Agency Platform is in pre-release, and we are currently bringing on our early launch partners.

If you are interested in learning more about the platform and joining our launch program, follow the link below.

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