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Daktronics digital boards successfully integrated with Lucit Drive.

Lucit Drive is our first-to-market technology that syncs big ticket inventory to digital billboards in real-time. In April, we succesfully conducted a test by syncing inventory data from Wilhelm Motors in Jamestown, ND to Daktronics Digital Billboards owned and operated by Newman Signs.

This was the 2nd succesful integration of our custom outbound export feed with a third-party provider (our first, with Apparatix, was in February of 2020).

Daktronics is one of the leading digital billboard manufacturers in the United States and this test allows us to work with any Out of Home advertising companies that make use of their hardware and their software controller system (Visiconn).

For this billboard campaign, we utilized creatives provided by the client’s in-house graphic designer that were developed using our custom billboard design specification. From this creative template, we generated a set of rules that always kept the most recent 15 vehicles that were added to their inventory running on the billboards.

Learn more about Lucit Drive Digital Billboard Inventory Feeds.


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