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How To Increase OOH Renewals

Here’s how you can increase OOH renewals to a nearly 100% renewal rate.

  1. Allow advertisers the ability to promote their inventory through data feed connectivity, control ad frequency, schedule creatives, posts ads with just a photo and caption, and pull up their campaign stats at any time.

  2. On average, clients who use Lucit, engage with their digital OOH campaigns between 3 and 5 times per week. Lucit helps operators interact with and reach their clients more often than ever before with notifications of plays and creatives changes, real-time view of which ads are running where, and analytics rollups for any duration.

  3. Allow your client to access their digital billboard campaign anytime, anywhere. Give them up to the minute proof-of-play reporting, right on their phone.

  4. Continuous reinforcement. of your client’s decision to buy. Sending your clients automatic notificationswhenever something sells on their DOOH campaign, reminds them that their out of home campaign is working. This reinforces their decision to have bought and heavily influences renewals. It also increases client engagement to a level never seen in this industry.

  5. Truly dynamic digital. Until recently, a DOOH campaign was nothing more than changing an ad maybe once or twice a month… and all of that requiring unnecessary back and forth, and work by both you and the client. Give them a living, breathing, CHANGING campaign, connected to their inventory, updated hourly, and able to generate hundreds of different creatives a week.

Accomplishing these steps is as easy and giving every one of your advertisers access to control their digital billboard campaign through Lucit. Contact us for a demo of the software and per screen pricing.


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