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Huge Opportunities in the Firearms Industry for OOH

There are huge opportunities in the firearms industry for OOH. Here’s a few things that they can do with Lucit.

  1. Easily Promote Merchandise

Lucit can connect to any sophisticated system that holds data information, such as data feeds or websites. Creatives will be automatically generated based on the real-time inventory connection pulling in the title, price, and photo for items such as firearms, knives, clothing, concealed carry merchandise, miscellaneous weapons, ammunition, gun safes, replacement parts, safety equipment, outdoor gear, etc.

  1. Promote Sales or Special Events on the Fly

With three easy steps (click +Post, choose a photo, type a caption), they can post ads on the fly, promoting sales, special events, hiring campaigns, announcements, holidays, different hours, etc. Then they can schedule their ads to run for certain day(s), and control the frequency at which their ads run. Allowing them to change their content in an easy manner like this, is essential to satisfcation with their OOH campaign.

Here are a few things that you, as an Operator, can do to help close the deal.

  1. Meet their expectations.

Companies expect real-time analytics and engagement from every single one of their advertising spends. Use Lucit to offer a similar experience to what they’re used to getting everywhere else. Real-time analytics such as ‘last shown a few seconds ago’ and ‘your ad received its first play’ provide proof of play and remind advertisers that their campaign is active, and reinforces their decision to buy DOOH. The ability to upload full-size creatives, post ads on the fly, and see real-time analytics offer a form of engagement that advertisers can get anywhere else and have come to expect. Even if they will not use all of the capabilities, they expect to have them.

  1. Sell Plays, not Slots.

Advertisers know what plays are, because they buy plays from most other advertising mediums that they’re using, such as online. Advertisers don’t know what slots are. Sell them plays, not slots. It’s less confusing and sounds more appealing. 37,800 plays sounds much better to an advertiser than a slot which is a 1/8 share of the digital billboard space. Selling plays is also a great way to increase your advertiser portfolio. Instead of going out and pitching a slot, split a slot up into three pitches of 12,600 plays and sell more advertisers on 12,600 plays a month. It may be more work up-front for three smaller spends rather than one big spend, but you are now the rep for those three advertisers when they are ready to up their spend in Out of Home. You are now a part of their budget, and you have a relationship with them. Smaller spends are worth the time and effort.

  1. Focus on the restrictions they face, and the fact thatOOH is Restriction Free.    

While the firearm industry faces strict restrictions on various advertising mediums, OOH is restriction free for firearms. Local gun stores cannot go on Facebook and advertise the guns they have for sale, but they can absolutely advertise the guns they have for sale on your digital screens. Know about the limitations that they face and offer a solution.

Contact us to get your local firearms dealers on your screens.


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