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Lucit Announces support for The OpenOOH Digital Screen Taxonomy Specification

The taxonomy specification created by the OpenOOH working group defines a common set of descriptive categories for OOH Inventory and is currently under development and review by a group comprised of leading DOOH SSP Platform Companies.

The announcement of the standard comes this week and is an early step in the groups goal to standardize various protocols, taxonomies and naming conventions within the DOOH space. The standard also will form a portion of the OpenRTB2.5 specification for making bid requests.

Lucit supports this Taxonomy specification and will tag digital screens within our system using the set of categories as specified in the taxonomy as as part of our required Digital Display Asset fields requirements for OOH providers.

Members of the consortium proposing the standard include AdomniBroadsignPlace ExchangeVerizon MediaVIOOH, and Vistar Media,


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