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Sell more digitals with the Lucit Marketing Packet

Selling digitals just got a lot easier, with Lucit! We have curated a great set of marketing resources ready to be accessed at any time. Enjoy industry-specific, polished, and professional materials. Automotive, Real Estate, Retail, as well as generic marketing assets, are available.

The Marketing Materials Packet (within the Google Drive folder, if not already granted access, permission will need to be requested) allows clients to easily market their partnership with Lucit in three easy steps:

1) Announce to the Community | Press Releases

2) Share & Advertise | Social Media Posts (Simply add a logo!)

3) Pitch | Utilize Mass Email Templates

Additional resources that can be used for promotion purposes include:

  • Explainer videos

  • List of data feed providers

  • Screenshots

  • Power-Points

  • One Sheeters

Be sure to check the Google Drive Folder often for updates and new materials. If you have any questions please reach out to

Reminder: You will need to request permission to access the Google Drive folder.


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