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Stop Running the Same OLD Static Images

Digital screens are meant to by DYNAMIC; they are not meant to be used like statics. Stop running the same old static images on your digital screens.

Your advertisers can experience the same brand recognition that they receive from running the same static constantly, by running uniform creatives with different content. Using our latest automotive dealership as an example, Countryside Chevrolet is promoting their vehicles and recent happy customers.

Although these four creatives have slightly different content, they still look uniform so when people drive by they will remember consistently seeing Countryside Chevrolet’s branding. However, they also might see someone holding keys to their new car and feel the urge to buy a new car. They might see a 2019 nissan sentra in their price range, when they didn’t even know that dealerships still had used vehicles amid the inventory shortage.

Changing content increases advertiser satisfication with their campaign and with the Lucit platform, it isn’t additional work for operator teams. Once the templates are setup, at the start of the campaign, creatives are generated by the advertisers through Lucit. Graphic designers won’t have to design new creatives for that campaign, account executives won’t have to communicate with advertisers back-and-forth about those new creatives, and schedulers won’t have to schedule anything after the Lucit dynamic feed has been scheduled.


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