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Lucit Developer Documentation

Lucit is the only open developer platform designed for Dynamic Digital OOH

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Build custom template components and macros to take your dynamic creatives to the next level using HTML, CSS and Javascript

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Build applications that work with Lucit Dynamic OOH Creatives, Data and Analytics.  

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Embed Lucit Content into your website with Lucit Website Widgets


View the details documentation for the core Lucit API by visiting the Lucit API Documentation.   Detailed information on making requests to the Lucit API, Authenticating with the Lucit API, and detailed documentation of API Responses and Objects.

Building Applications For Programmatic Digital OOH

The evolution of digital out-of-home and digital signage requires an ecosystem to connect data, creatives, campaigns, digital signs and analytics together across multiple platforms and technologies.

This is where Lucit comes in.   The first truly open platform for building applications for digital out-of-home.

Build the Components you Need

1 / Data In

Connect your product data to dynamic digital out-of-home creatives by building Data Source apps or Inventory Builder apps using the Lucit API and the Lucit Applications Platform

2 / Creatives

Create custom dynamic digital creatives for your out-of-home campaigns using our world class dynamic ad platform designed from the ground up for digital out-of-home.  Extend your creatives with HTML, CSS and Javascript

3 / Campaign Management

Write software to customize campaign management from your platform to ours using the Lucit API.  Control which creatives appear on which screens and where  using your own custom business logic that fit your objectives

3 / Data Out

Build applications to pull analytics data for creative plays, impressions, screen time and more, and feed those analytics into your custom marketing and analytics tools

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