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Dynamic Digital OOH Creatives

Lucit is a dynamic creative control platform that empowers advertisers, marketers and ad agencies to build dynamic data-connected creatives and control how and when they are delivered.


Connect product data, weather data, location information and more using built-in data apps, or build custom ones with our API.


There is no better dynamic template tools on the market for OOH.  We make it easy to deploy dynamic creatives across any vendor, on any screen.


The easiest to use campaign control tools on the market.  Control, Analytics and cross vendor functionality in one place.

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Dynamic Content on Any Screen

The Lucit creative platform is compatible with digital OOH campaigns running on some of the biggest names in the Industry : Vistar Media, Lamar Outdoor, Adams Outdoor, and more.  Plus, with connectivity to the leading digital signage player platforms, from Vistar Media, Scala, Apparatix, Blip, DoohClick, Ayuda (Broadsign) and Daktronics.  Your dynamic ads can run almost anywhere that a digital screen can be bought.

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Data Source Apps

Connecting data to your creatives is powered by the Lucit Application architecture.   The only completely open third-party application architecture for OOH in the world.

Data source apps built by Lucit, our third-party partners, and private custom integrations, create data connectivity for eCommerce, Automotive, Real Estate, Social Data, Weather Data and more.

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eCommerce Data

Generate product and pricing creatives from eCommerce Data from platforms like Shopify, Ecwid eCommerce and WooCommerce. ​Build custom product feeds by creating custom data source or inventory builder apps using the Lucit API.



Add temp and current conditions to your creatives that generate real-time data from the location of any sign, worldwide, that they are displaying on.  ​Conditionally change up you message depending on day/night or any other condition you can think of.

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Connect your social data and build creatives that mirror your social advertising campaigns and posts with connectivity to Facebook and Instagram feeds​. Keep your advertising message consistent across platforms.



Create automated ads from your vehicle inventory. Lucit is the only OOH Platform that connects directly to every automotive data source including vAuto, VINSolutions, Homenet and more!


Real Estate

Lucit connects digital creatives to real-time MLS data, so agents can automatically show their active listings, open houses and "happy customer" ads. 


Build Data Applications

With the only fully open API in Out-of-Home, use Lucit to build custom data connected applications using technologies that you are already used to within your organization.   

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Dynamic Creative Tools

The creative design tools for digital out-of-home that anyone can use.  Lucit's creative platform tools allow you to design beautiful, responsive, data connected content for any screen, anywhere.

Build your dynamic ads in minutes, not days. 

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Get your images out of their boxes with Automated Background Removal. 

Give your creative teams more options in their template designs with the only OOH Creative Designer that removes backgrounds from image.

Automated Background Removals from Images

The only OOH platform that gives you an instant real-world view of how your creatives will look on your targeted screens. 

LucitXR Proofs are great for co-op and great for sales teams.  Do your creatives look good? It's the only way to know.

Real-World Proofs with Lucit XR


Lucit makes it easy to build dynamic creatives, responsive to any screen size, that outputs beautiful, data connected creatives.  The creative dynamic tools are functionally similar to the design tools you're already familiar with. Plus, responsive output designed for the complex number of ratios and sizes in Out of Home.

Creatives built with Lucit stop the squishing and distortion of faces and logos that has been plaguing the industry ever since someone decided that 1400x400 will "work for all bulletin sizes" ( doesn't).

Dynamic, Responsive, and Easy to Use

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Advanced Developer Tools

Creatives are built on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Lucit provides a fully-featured code editor for every template​. 

With a little bit of code, (or a little bit of help from the developer docs) you can make your creatives do anything.Custom fields, custom macros and custom formatting functions all at your disposal.

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Control Your Campaigns

Never before has there been a single platform to control your creatives, manage your campaigns, and pull analytics data, cross platform, cross vendor, worldwide.  Lucit helps you manage your contract campaigns as well as your programmatic campaigns.

Lucit is a platform for marketers, and we built it to solve problems for:

  • creative teams

  • media buyers

  • account executives

  • any end-users that are buying digital OOH campaigns

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The Easiest Campaign Control on the Market

Lucit surfaces the simplest and most useful campaign control tools to make it easy to control your creatives from your desktop or through the Lucit mobile app​.


Control dates and times, target specific screens, and strategically use share-of-voice frequency control.


Live Analytics

In real-time, you will know that the right creative is running on the right screens at the right time. 


You'll no longer have to email someone else instructions to schedule your ads. 


Cross Vendor Campaign Managment

Upload a single ad, and run it on campaigns from multiple vendors, all at the same time, all in a single step.

Lucit saves marketing teams and ad agencies hundreds of hours of busy work per year by simplifying their process.

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