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Case Studies

Adams Outdoor

Adams Outdoor, a leading outdoor advertising company, faced a few challenges in its sales. Learn how Lucit helped overcome them.

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Allison Outdoor

Allison Outdoor was looking for a way to provide their automotive clients creative control and reduce labor time for the scheduling/traffic department. See how Lucit solved both of these problems.

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Paisley Kelly

Paisley Kelly, a real estate agent at Coldwell Banker Alfred Saliba Realty, was looking for a way to bring her brand and creativity to her billboards. Lucit gave her the freedom to do that.


Huff Hills

Huff Hills, a ski resort in North Dakota, had not used billboards as an advertising medium for a long time. See what using Lucit did for their campaign.

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93% of all Lucit automotive campaigns are currently active. See how we arrived at 93% satisfaction. 


Real Estate

Lucit real estate campaigns generate, on average, 31 creatives per month. See why agents and screen owners value Lucit. 

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WestGate Cars

By seamlessly integrating with WestGate's dealer management system and providing user-friendly creative tools, Lucit transformed the traditionally time-consuming and manual task into a streamlined, automated process.

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