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Image by Acton Crawford


WestGate was looking for a simple, automated way to market their vehicle inventory and post creatives on their digital screens. This would typically require a significant amount of manual work for both WestGate and Lamar to meet the campaign goals.


Using Lucit's automotive inventory connectivity and template builder, the campaign goals were achieved. WestGate has complete control to manage and schedule their campaign, allowing Lamar to oversee the campaign without needing to upload each individual creative or handle scheduling.

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inventory boardXR.png


On average, Lucit is automating 345 creative changes per month for WestGate saving Lamar approximately 30 labor hours on traffic and creative design changes per month. WestGate is now successfully running an inventory campaign that automatically updates with their dealer management system (via vAuto). They are also loading and scheduling complete creatives and branded post template ads through the Lucit platform.



WestGate's campaign demonstrated the prowess of Lucit's unique tool in automating inventory-based campaigns for Out of Home advertising. By seamlessly integrating with WestGate's dealer management system and providing user-friendly creative tools, Lucit transformed the traditionally time-consuming and manual task into a streamlined, automated process. The successful implementation of the campaign highlighted Lucit's role in revolutionizing the way advertisers manage and update content on digital screens, offering efficiency, accuracy, and control


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