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"Lucit XR is something that's going to challenge the way out-of-home is proposed to the industry. A product that's going to turn a lot of heads, and most importantly, give out-of-home advertisers an experience they'll never forget."

-John James, Founder at Signbird


1 / How do I use Lucit XR 

Visit to use the free version of the tool. For the full experience, log into

2 / Who is Lucit XR for?

Lucit XR was built for anyone to use! It is simple and works well as a tool for advertising agencies, operators, sales teams, or clients!

3 / What does Lucit XR cost to use?

Lucit XR is currently free to use.

4 / The screens for my company are not listed, how can I get them added?

Contact us here and we can reach out to you to get your screen inventory added!

5 / What does it cost to add my screens into Lucit XR?

There is no cost to add your screens. We can simply upload your inventory from a variety of formats.

6 / Where can I upload better images of my screens?

You can upload images of your screens in the Lucit application under your Operator account.

Lucit recommends using SignBird to get beautiful professional photos of your screens!

7 / How can I create proofs of multiple screens at once?

To create proofs of multiple screens, you must be logged in as an operator users/agency user inside of the Lucit application - Contact us to learn more.

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