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A New Era of

Digital Billboards

Advertisers by Industry


Connection to Inventory Management Systems

Lucit can connect to any inventory management system. Primary industries that utilize Lucit include real estate, automotive, agriculture, and recreational.

We’ve worked with numerous data partners including FlexMLS, DealersLink, CDK Global, HomeNet, Dealer Specialities, Paragon, CarsForSale, PX Automotive, Navica MLS, VINSolutions, and Machine Finder, to name a few.

No inventory management system? No problem. Lucit’s post feature is perfect for all other industries such as retail or healthcare.

Real Estate Screenshots2.png

Add and Remove Inventory Instantly

As easy as one click!

Inventory added or removed from the inventory management system will be automatically added or removed and any other changes will also be automatically reflected

Control Ad Frequency

Control ad frequency with ease. Simply move a slider to promote newer inventory more than old, or certain brands more than others!

Post Ads to Billboards Just Like Social Media

Click +Post, choose a photo and a caption to insert in your dynamic template and post to digital billboards in real time

Advertisers who don’t have inventory management systems can use the post feature to take a photo of their inventory, caption it, and generate a new creative with the template

Run Complete Creatives

Design a complete creative and easily upload it directly to the app.

Click +Post Ad and choose the graphic.​ From there you can let it play or schedule it and increase the frequency of plays as you like. 

full size creative.png

Schedule Creatives

Schedule creatives to run on certain dates or for certain periods of time

Blue Line Schedulerscheduler.png
Blue Line Schedulerproperties.png

Real Time Analytics

Analytics show plays and impressions by period, creative, inventory item, campaign, or by billboard

Retail Screenshots 11.png

We haven’t done billboards in a long time, but we jumped back on when we knew we had the ability to control our content in this way

Andy Beck

Huff Hills Ski Area

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