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Paisley Kelly

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Paisley Kelly, a real estate agent at Coldwell Banker Alfred Saliba Realty, faced a problem with limited creative freedom and control while advertising her brand on billboards. She wanted to showcase her creativity and expand her reach to potential clients beyond the traditional methods. However, the lack of control over her billboards made it difficult for her to showcase her brand effectively.


Lucit provided Paisley Kelly with a solution to her problem by offering a digital billboard platform that gave her complete creative freedom and control. With the easy click of a button, she was able to advertise and share her brand on an entirely new scale. Using Lucit's post feature to share photos with captions and the Inventory connectivity to automatically generate creatives for her listings. Lucit's digital billboards gave her the ability to customize her ads and change them on the fly. This allowed her to showcase her brand effectively, expand her reach to potential clients, and increase her revenue.

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After using Lucit's digital billboards, Paisley Kelly considered them as powerful as her social media platforms. With complete creative freedom and control over her digital billboards, she was able to expand her reach to potential clients more effectively. The Lucit platform helped her increase her revenue, showcase her brand effectively, and gain more clients.



By utilizing the Lucit Digital Billboard application, Allison Outdoor was able to reduce the amount of work their scheduling teams were spending on changing out customer creatives and was able to provide their customers with more control over the ads that were running.


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