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Connect to Dealerships in a Few Hours

]Lucit is plugged into nearly every major automotive data platform. We can turn around complete connectivity to most dealerships within a few hours.

Once we’re connected, we can use that data to automatically generate creatives with their real-time inventory in one of two ways.

  1. A contact at the dealership can login to Lucit whenever they wish to see a list of all their real-time vehicle data, they will click a plus icon to add a vehicle to run in rotation or a trash icon to remove the vehicle from rotation. This manual option is for dealerships who wish to pick and choose which vehicles to promote.

  2. This automatic option allows the dealership to set any kind of rule such as only used vehicles, trucks, vehicles with less than 100,000 miles, vehicles worth less than $30,000, etc. Lucit will automatically display the top 5 (or whatever number they choose) of vehicles that fit the rule that they set. This is a wonderful option if they want to run vehicles, but don’t have a person with the time to manage it.

Start by getting your current auto dealers set up with Lucit. This gives you a chance to see the process and understand how the connectivity works.

From there, a Lucit representative will work with you to joint pitch the other dealerships in your area to get them connecting their inventory to your screens.


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