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Get Your Advertisers Engaging

Use Lucit to get your advertisers engaging with their digital billboard campaigns; engagement means renewal.

A customer with Lucit is a customer that is INVOLVED and ENGAGED with their advertising campaign.

On average Lucit users login and interact with their Digital billboard campaigns multiple times per week.

Giving advertisers control of their content is key. With Lucit, they can control their campaigns in nearly every way. They are able to add or remove their inventory to rotation, post ads with just a photo and caption, control ad frequency, schedule creatives, upload full-size creatives, and see real-time stats. Although every advertiser may not use all features available to them, they enjoy knowing that the option is there. They want control; give it to them before they are demanding it.

Notifications are a reminder that their campaign is currently active, and also encourages them to update their content or review their analytics. Lucit notifies advertisers when a creative receives its first play, when an inventory item is SOLD, and they receive a weekly stats notification. These notifications are consistently reminding advertisers that their digital screen spend is working.

Real Time Stats are part of the fabric of modern advertising – Advertisers are EXPECTING it no matter what medium they are using.  Real Time Stats KEEP the customer engaged with their advertising, every day.

Engaged customers renew.

Contact us for a demo or a refresher Lucit training. We have a few spaces left before the IBO USA spring conference.


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