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Guarantee Every Renewal

Below are some ways that you can guarantee every renewal.

Make them feel like their advertising spend with you is working. Unfortunately, out-of-home campaigns can be very out of sight out of mind when the screens aren’t part of the advertiser’s daily route. The solution to this is real-time stats reminding them that their campaign is active by:

  1. Notifying them when a new creative receives its first play

  2. Sending them weekly stats

  3. Showing them when and where their most recent creative was played

  4. Notifying them when an inventory item has sold, making them feel like their screen campaign played a part in that sale.

Give them control of their content. Allow advertisers the ability to:

  1. Promote their inventory through data feed connectivity

  2. Control ad frequency

  3. Schedule creatives

  4. Posts ads with just a photo and caption

  5. Pull up their campaign stats at any time

Make your advertisers feel like their advertising spend is working and give them control over their campaign to guarantee every renewal.


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