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How To Get Auto Dealers on Digital Billboards

Follow these steps to getting auto dealers on digital billboards.

Step One: Let them choose what to do on the screens.

  1. Connect their real-time inventory

  2. Promote customers with their new vehicles

  3. Celebrate employee of the month or top sales team members

  4. Advertiser service department appointment availability

  5. Promote lot sales, services, hiring campaigns, events, etc.

Step Two: Let them choose what to do with their campaign.

  1. Upload full-size creatives from their phone or desktop computer

  2. Post ads with just a photo and caption

  3. Control ad frequency

  4. Schedule creatives

  5. View real-time analytics

Step Three: Set up their campaign in Lucit.

  1. Login to your Lucit operator account

  2. Click Add account

  3. Input the auto dealers data

  4. Add a campaign in the account

Need some help? Contact us; we will attend joint meetings with yourself and the advertiser so we can answer any questions they have about all of the ways they can take advantage of the Lucit software.

Have some questions? Contact us; we can answer any questions you have via phone, email, or a zoom refresher training.

Lucit will be the game-changer for securing automotive dealerships on your digital screens. Pitch Lucit to every automotive dealership that you are pitching. Don’t pitch it as an extra cost; pitch it as ‘this is all the things you get by choosing to advertise on our screens.


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