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How To Put MLS Listings on Digital Billboards

Real estate brokerages and/or real estate agents can put their MLS listings on digital billboards through an automatic connection to their MLS.

Here’s the process:

  1. Start a digital billboard campaign with any operator in the area; let them know that you’d like to use Lucit to put your listings on their digital screens.

  2. Provide Lucit with a contact at the MLS that you use (FlexMLS, Paragon, MLS Grid, Navica, REIN, etc.) Lucit will reach out to the provider to get the automatic connection set up.

  3. There will be a list in Lucit of all your real-time listing data. You can choose which properties to add or remove from rotation with the click of a button. A creative will be automatically generated with that property’s data from the feed. As listings are sold or added, they will be automatically added or removed from Lucit. As changes occur, such as price or photo, Lucit will automatically update.

It’s that easy.

Real estate brokerages can split a share of digital screen space between all of their real estate agents or just those who wish to opt-in. Each agent will have their own login where they can only see and control their own listings.


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