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Lucit Digital Billboards

Lucit sends your inventory directly to outdoor digital billboards in real-time. Fully controlled by Lucit, simplify your creatives with rules that determine which items appear on which billboards and when.

How does it work?

Lucit platform automatically ingests your entire inventory (including all data and photos) and generates a specialized billboard export that it shares directly with any third-party digital billboard company. Using the Lucit Smartphone App or Desktop Application, users can choose specific inventory items or set broad filters to display inventory on the boards. Lucit empowers you to define rules that the system uses to generate designs and export those creatives to your digital billboard rotation. Users can set it and forget it: if an item that is currently on the board sells, Lucit will automatically remove the sold item from the billboard.

Billboard Contracts

Lucit can work with your existing billboard contracts by providing automated creatives to your current vendors.


Lucit currently works with software and hardware from the following providers:

Lucit is continuously testing our product and creating partnerships with additional hardware and software vendors – contact us to learn more about adding your integration.

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