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Revolutionary Platform to Connect Vehicle Inventory Data to Digital Billboards

Lucit, a software solution for automotive dealerships, is changing the game when it comes to billboard advertising. With Lucit, dealerships can now connect their live vehicle inventory directly to digital billboards, allowing them to easily promote their latest vehicles in an automated and streamlined way.

The platform utilizes the latest technology to seamlessly connect dealerships' inventory management systems with digital billboards in real time, ensuring that the advertised vehicles are always up-to-date and accurate. As vehicle data changes in the dealer management software, like price, photo, and title, changes are automatically reflected on the screen.

"With Lucit, dealerships no longer have to manually update their billboard advertisements or worry about promoting vehicles that are no longer available," said Gina Gordon, CEO of Lucit. "Our platform takes care of everything automatically, allowing dealerships to focus on what they do best - selling cars."

Lucit has developed partnerships with several major operators across the country, and its platform is currently being utilized by dealerships all over the US. By providing an easy and automated way to promote their current inventory, Lucit is helping dealers stay ahead of the competition and reach more potential customers than ever before.

"Lucit has been awesome! Loving the on-demand customization, zero complaints thus far! Absolutely love the app, glad we got working on this!," said Nate Askew, BDC & Internet Manager of R M Stoudt Ford.

To learn more about Lucit and its innovative platform, visit their website at Lucit automotive case studies are available here


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