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Are Your Screens Real? Proof It.

Let’s face it, your cartoon billboard proofs aren’t convincing anyone. They don’t add value to your pitch, they are just a nice visual for the client who is already sold. Make your proofs a closing tool with Lucit XR.

How It Works:

  • Upload a creative, click "Add Proof", and watch your proof come to life. Or simply click "Share Proof" if your creative is already uploaded in the app.

XR images show exactly what the creative will look like:

Your clients want to see what it’ll look like driving past their creative on a real screen. Wow them by showing them exactly that. Show them the actual screen with their creative on it and offer them something real and tangible.

That’s a closer. That’s adding value to your pitch.

Are your screens real? Proof it with Lucit XR.


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