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Client-Facing App for Billboards

Lucit is the first, client-facing app for billboards. The software allows advertisers to directly control their digital billboard campaign from their phones or desktop. They can:

  1. Automatically generate creatives through a connection to their back-end inventory management system

  2. Post ads by just choosing a photo and caption

  3. Upload full-size creatives

  4. Control ad frequency

  5. Schedule creatives

  6. View real-time statistics such as ‘last play a few seconds ago

The interface is very user-friendly; it does not require extensive training for the advertisers to use. Operators can receive discounted pricing for bulk usage of the software by offering it to every advertiser on their digital screens. Contact us to find out how much it would cost for you to offer Lucit to every single one of your advertisers on digital screens.


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