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Connection to Dealer Management Software

What is dealer management software?

A bundled management information system created specifically for automotive dealerships that contain software that meets the needs of the finance, sales, administration, and inventory components of running the dealership. The inventory component of an automotive dealership is the vehicles they have available for sale and any information related to those vehicles such as photo, price, body style, color, mileage, etc.

Connection to dealer management software

Automotive dealerships are very familiar with the concept of third-party vendors connecting to their dealer management software. They do this to promote their inventory on their website, on seller websites like or Auto Trader. Now auto dealers can do the same thing they do online, but on billboards.

An iPad showing a list of car inventory from the Lucit app
Inventory connected in Lucit

With one email, the dealer authorizes the export of their data to Lucit. Then they are able to login to Lucit, see a list of their current inventory, and choose which vehicles they’d like to promote on the billboard. Their vehicle photos, prices, and any other information they wish, will be automatically generated in their pre-selected vehicle inventory template. As prices change, photos change, vehicles are added, or vehicles are sold, the billboards ad will automatically change.

billboard in a parking lot with cars depicting a car on a teal abstract background
Inventory Creative Automatically Generated by Lucit


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