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Creating Lucit Application Tokens

Tokens for your app are required in order to access the Lucit API


You can create 2 types of tokens for your Lucit App

  • Public Token

  • Authentication Token

Public Tokens

Public tokens do not have a secret and are designed to be used on websites and in applications that should not expose secrets. Examples of uses for these tokens include

  • Lucit Widgets to embed on your website

  • Legacy player applications that can't make oauth requests for Bearer Tokens

  • Applications that use the V1 version of the contract API

Authentication Tokens

Authentication tokens (or Auth Tokens) are Token / Secret combinations that you can use to make a request to the /auth endpoint of the Lucit API

Successful authorization requests will return a long-lived Bearer Token that you can then use to make subsequent API requests.

Tokens are created on the TOKENS tab in the settings for your application in Lucit

Creating Public Tokens

Clicking + NEW TOKEN to bring up the dialog

Choose Public Token and click CREATE

Your new token will appear in a dialog

And will also appear in your tokens list

Note that Public tokens are identified by their Public badge, and RESET SECRET is disabled because these tokens do not have a paired secret.

Creating Auth Tokens

Clicking + NEW TOKEN to bring up the dialog

Click Authentication Token and click CREATE

Your new token and secret will appear in a dialog



Be sure to copy and save your secret. Your secret cannot be recovered. If you lose your secret, you can only reset it to a new value using RESET SECRET

Note the use of the Auth badge for Auth Tokens and that the RESET SECRET button is now available.


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