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Did you know Realtors can show their SOLD listings too?

Real estate agents like to market their sold listings as much as their for sale listings. Doing this shows consumers that they are currently doing business, and they are successfully selling properties.

Lucit knows this and allows agents to promote their sold listings on their digital billboard campaign for a certain number of days after the listing has sold. The data feed will notify Lucit the property has sold, a new creative will automatically be generated to show the property has sold in some way such as a sold banner, and then after the pre-selected number of days, the property will be automatically removed from the digital billboard campaign.

While Jena’s listing was active, the creative displayed the listing price. As soon as Lucit was notified the listing sold, the area with the price was updated to display SOLD! This creative was automatically pulled from rotation once it had been sold for a week.

Contact us to get this setup for your campaign, or ask us any questions about this valuable feature.


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