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Don’t Get Spooked by the This Seasonal Spend!

Spooked by seasonal spend? Don’t be! Lucit makes it possible for even seasonal spends like Halloween stores to get the most out of their DOOH marketing.

Social media. On a billboard.

Sharing seasonal promotions and celebrating holidays is something that companies have been doing on social media for ages and they are getting a response. Why not make it just as easy for them to use a billboard and show them how effective your screens can be? Using Lucit’s post feature only requires a photo and a caption – just like social media. With real-time stats, your clients can see right away how often they are getting plays and know that your screens are effective.

Share Costume Ideas

Pop-up, seasonal shops need you. Without getting the word out people won’t know they’re in town. How better to do that than with your screens? Use Lucit to let people know that it’s that time of year again. A good costume idea seen on the drive home could be enough to convince anyone on the fence to get into the store. Lucit allows you to change them regularly throughout the season to catch as many people as possible!

Promote Sales

At the end of the season, all that inventory needs to go somewhere. Using Lucit to promote sales means as the sales change, so can the creatives. What better way to get that inventory off the shelves? Using the frequency filter, the client can control how often certain creatives play and increase the frequency of sales items as their season comes to an end.

Announce Hiring Campaigns

How can any of this be effective without proper staffing? Use Lucit to promote hiring campaigns. Finding seasonal workers quickly can be hard but putting it on a billboard can solve that. Lucit makes it easy to post a hiring campaign in less than a minute and take it back down as soon as the campaign is finished.

Don’t be scared! Schedule a demo now before the next seasonal spend sneaks up


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