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Furniture Stores and OOH

The perfect fit for DOOH. If they are not already on your screens, they will be.

Give them the following advertising options on your digitals:

Inventory Connectivity: Lucit will connect to the back-end inventory management software or website of furniture stores, and automatically generate creatives based on current inventory. Adding or removing furniture to rotation is then as easy as clicking a plus or trash icon. As furniture is added or removed to the inventory management software, it is automatically added or removed from Lucit. As changes occur, such as price or photo, those changes are automatically updated in Lucit.

Promote the finished product: Don’t just promote furniture, promote what the furniture can do. Whether it is sharing projects that sales representatives have worked on first hand or sharing photos that happy customers have sent in, furniture stores should show what their furniture can do for customers.

Share Offered Services: Often, furniture stores do more than simply sell furniture. Services might include furniture delivery, setup, installation, disposal of old items, design consultations, interior design, etc. With the ability to post ads with just a photo and caption, furniture stores can let the community know the services they offer.

Employee Recognition or Recruitment: The ability to generate screen content with just a photo and caption allows furniture stores to easily recognize current employees or recruit new employees. Employee of the month? Click +Post, choose a photo of her, type ‘Congrats Emily our employee of the month’, and a creative is generated for their campaign. Easy for the furniture store, no work from the operator. Hiring? Same thing, different content. Lucit allows for ads on the fly, that still look nice.

Once furniture stores know what is possible and how easy it is, they will want to do it.


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