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Gain OOH dollars from the Fitness Industry

Who belongs to the fitness industry? Gyms. Personal Trainers. Fitness clubs such as Cyclebar, Solidcore, Pure Barre, The Row House, etc.

Secure OOH dollars from the fitness industry by providing them the tools to advertise in the OOH industry like they advertise online.

Give them an easy way to

  1. Promote class availability. Lucit can connect to online scheduling software and generate creatives based on class availability. They are able to add/remove specific class slots that they wish to promote with their digital screen campaign. As class spots are filled or opened up, Lucit automatically updates to reflect that data. An example of this would be a template that is constantly updated to say, ‘There are xx number of spots left for CYCLEBAR today at 5:30. Don’t miss out!” Creatives will automatically stop running once class has started. They are already doing this on social media. The Anytime Fitness, CYCLEBAR, Planet Fitness, Pure Barre, etc. in your local area are already doing this on their social media. Tell them that they can and should be doing this on the big screens as well.

  2. Promote class participants. Look at the social media pages of your local gyms, personal trainers and fitness clubs. What are they posting? Their clients. They are posting pictures of their clients attending a class, before and afters, etc. (Real examples below) With Lucit, they can do this on your digital screens just as easily as they can on social media. They click +Post, choose a photo, type a caption and boom, advertising their class participants or clients on big screens is now just as easy as advertising them on social media, but more effective. Make it that easy for them, and they’ll do it.

  3. Set a schedule and a frequency to fill a spot or sell merch. Between merchandise sales, special events, holidays, class or membership sales, hiring campaigns, the promotion of empty class times, there are various ways that fitness entities can take advantage of hte ability to schedule creatives and control the frequency with which they play on the screen. Lucit allows advertisers to set creatives to run for any day(s) that they wish, the creative will stop/start at the appropriate times. Then they can continue on to control the frequency play percentage of each individual creative by moving a slider. For example, Anytime Fitness could post a creative about their current membership sale, set the creative to run the length of the sale, and set the frequency to play this creative more often than non-time sensitive creatives.

One final tip to to ensure they sign on, give them the right price, then get them hooked. A big monthly spend is attractive for obvious reasons, but here’s why you should pitch your local fitness entities a smaller spend. If you give these local places the right price, they will say yes, and they will get hooked. Get them in your pocket, be their billboard rep, and you will be their first call when they are ready to spend more money. Instead of slots, break your slot into plays, sell a bucket of those plays to an advertiser for the right dollar amount. Initial setup may have been more work, but you are now part of the budget of 3-4 new advertisers that will likely up their spend with you someday.


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