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How to Benefit from Black Friday Advertising

The holiday shopping season is always a hectic time of year. Lucit provides clear organization, convenience, and relevance for clients using your screens.

Inventory Template:

Lucit makes advertising on Black Friday easier than ever. Utilize an inventory template for limited-time Black Friday deals. The inventory template can circulate through various limited-time deals throughout that day. Lucit does this by connecting to back-end inventory software or website data.

Post Template:

Sellers can also advertise the last of their inventory in REAL TIME with the post template. Simply add an image and type a caption based on what needs to get out the door. There’s nothing like using scarcity to jump-start demand!

Why use Lucit as a tool for Black Friday?

  • Road traffic is guaranteed to increase on Black Friday. More traffic = more people looking at digital billboards. Take advantage of this time to show onlookers those amazing Black Friday deals!

  • Relevant and real-time

  • Easy-to-read analytics


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