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Lucit and Bismarck Title Company Join Forces to Enhance Real Estate Ads with Dynamic Advertisements

08/2020 --- Lucit, a leading provider of dynamic digital creative solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Bismarck Title Company, a locally owned and operated title company serving the community since 1987. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the real estate industry by combining Lucit's innovative advertising technology with Bismarck Title Company's expertise in title and closing services, providing enhanced visibility and personalized marketing opportunities for real estate professionals in North Dakota.

Through this partnership, Bismarck Title Company will leverage Lucit's innovative technology on their screens to enhance their marketing efforts, allowing them to dynamically showcase property inventory and easily communicate time-sensitive information to potential buyers such as open houses or price drops.

Bismarck Title Company's digital sign in Bismarck, North Dakota, which will serve as a powerful advertising medium to promote real estate listings, highlight property features and communicate important updates to the community.

The partnership between Lucit and Bismarck Title Company signifies a commitment to innovation and excellence in the real estate industry. By harnessing Lucit's dynamic advertising technology, Bismarck Title Company can effectively showcase properties and provide an exceptional experience for buyers and sellers alike.

For a full list of operators integrated with Lucit visit our Integrations page.

About Lucit:

Founded in 2019, The Lucit platform allows customers to view, post, edit, manage, and schedule their digital billboard creatives in real-time from their desktop or phone, and brings connectivity to Automotive, Real Estate, and eCommerce systems by automatically generating creatives from data.

About Bismarck Title Company: Bismarck Title Company is a locally owned and operated title company, serving the community since 1987. With their extensive knowledge of the real estate industry and commitment to quality service, Bismarck Title Company has been assisting North Dakotans in achieving their dreams of property ownership.


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