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Lucit and Formetco announce full featured technical integration

April 12th, 2022, Bismarck, North Dakota

Lucit and Formetco have developed a full-featured, real-time integration between the Lucit platform and the Formetco 360 player software. In partnership with Gusaas Signs of Bismarck, ND as the first major install.

“Giving advertisers the ability to update ads in real time is a tremendous sales tool for our operators. The seamless integration of Lucit and F360 means Formetco customers now have a resource other operators will struggle to compete with.” says Britt McConnell, Formetco Director of Digital Sales.

This integration, which is currently powering about 40% of all of the plays on this screen, is connecting Real Estate, MLS systems, an Inventory System from a Boat Dealer as well as various retail clients, and local promotions including the Lucit 2022 Women’s Month promotion.

Lucit Campaign running on Formetco Digital Sign

Joe Gusaas says : “Lucit has played a pivotal role in the success of our up and coming business. Not only do they have an exceptional staff, they have an exceptional product as well. The customers love it and the operational benefits go far beyond the consumer to the operators as well. Not only can customers change their own ads in real time, it allows operators to shift some of there focus to other business needs by not having to spend time on creatives for their customers. Lucit is an absolute game changer in the digital billboard industry!”

“Adding Formetco F360 to the Lucit player integrations lineup allows thousands of Formetco screens, and their clients, to use the Lucit app to manage and post creatives and view real-time stats” says Gina Gordon, CEO, Lucit.

About Lucit

Founded in 2019, The Lucit platform allows customers to view, post, edit, manage and schedule their creatives in real-time from their desktop or phone, and brings connectivity to Automotive, Real Estate, and eCommerce systems by automatically generating creatives from data.

About Formetco

Since 1968, Formetco has researched, designed and developed thousands of innovative out-of-home products including cutting-edge digital displays, billboard hardware and safety equipment. Headquartered in Atlanta and owned by the same family since its founding, Formetco is proud to be the only supplier and manufacturer to have served the outdoor advertising industry for over 50 years.

About Gusaas Signs Gusaas Signs, founded by Joe Gusaas, was officially formed in 2014, and continues today, offering both digital and traditional static vinyl billboard advertising to the Bismarck community.


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