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Lucit Connects with Auto Driven Marketing to Enhance Digital Advertising for Automotive Dealers

05/2021 --- Lucit is excited to announce its expanded connectivity with Auto Driven Marketing (ADM) data feeds. This collaboration brings an added dimension of inventory integration to Lucit's software, enabling users to further enhance their advertising campaigns with real-time updates and comprehensive data insights.

With its user-friendly app, Lucit offers dealerships inventory connectivity, creative templates, real-time statistics, and unparalleled control over their advertising campaigns. This integration with the new data feed provider opens up new possibilities for Lucit users. By leveraging the extensive inventory data offered by ADM, Lucit users can seamlessly incorporate the latest inventory information into their digital billboard advertisements. This real-time synchronization ensures that creatives always reflect the most up-to-date inventory, providing a dynamic and engaging advertising experience. With Lucit's expanded connectivity, users can expect enhanced control over their advertising campaigns, streamlined management of inventory updates, and access to valuable data insights. Lucit's app remains the go-to solution for businesses looking to maximize their advertising impact on digital billboards.

For a full list of data providers integrated with Lucit visit our Integrations page.


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