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Lucit executes first ever outdoor real-time inventory promotion test.

Lucit Drive was successfully tested last week. Real time inventory was displayed and updated every 60 seconds from the client’s data feed system using our data feed system Layout. The creatives were delivered on iDigital boards throughout central North Dakota using an integration with the Apparatix software system.

Lucit drive feeds the outdoor billboards current, relevant inventory from the Dealership’s CRM system and sends back statistics real time on each face.

Lucit CEO, Gina Gordon says, “In the current world of digital advertising, clients are getting statistics on everything they are targeting and each action taken by the users from their ads, almost to a point of statistic overload. These statistics, however, are what clients have come to expect, so it would only make sense that we would integrate real time statistics into this software product, for both the board owner and its clients”.

The statistics specifically track which inventory items appear on which boards at which time. The Lucit Drive system also can target specific types of inventory to specific boards.

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