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Make your screens a perfect fit!

We have tons of advice that will help with industry-specific targeting. But what is it about Lucit that makes it possible to gain any industry? Read to find out how your clients can benefit.

  • Offers data connectivity

  • Give clients the ability to change their own creatives

  • Real-time statistics

  • Show clients their creatives on the real screen (Lucit XR).

Offering data connectivity enables clients to advertise better, and in an easier way. Using a data connection, Lucit generates creatives based on the inventory items that advertisers choose to promote.

Giving clients the ability to change their own creatives gives them the freedom to update their creatives whenever they wish, without having to wait for a sales rep, scheduler, etc. This allows clients to stay in control of their campaigns and make quick changes when necessary.

Real-time statistics allow clients to see how their campaigns are performing in real time. Clients can use this data to make informed decisions on how to improve their campaigns and gain better results.

Showing clients their creative on the real screen allows them to get a better understanding of how their campaigns look relative to the screen's location. Clients can use this to make sure their campaigns look the way they want them to and to make sure their campaigns are reaching the right audience.

Enjoy all this and more with Lucit.


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