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Operator Benefits

Lucit means there doesn’t need to be any correspondence between the client, sales executive, and traffic team for creative changes ever.
Lucit also means connection to any player & any inventory management system.

Clients can access their stats through the app, removing any need for sales executives to manually send stats to clients.

Increase Revenue from Key Industries

  • Get key industries like automotive and real estate companies on your screens by offering them seamless integrations to their data systems.

  • After initial integration, your traffic team only has to load one dynamic Lucit feed per client and Lucit will take care of the creatives making it easy for clients to use.

Meet Customer Expectations

  • Clients have high expectations for their advertising campaigns, and they expect real-time stats, complete control, and an easy-to-use interface. These things are commonplace in most advertising industries, but not Out Of Home. We're changing that, making it easy for you to meet and exceed client expectations.

Learn more about operator benefits here!


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