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Promote Properties For Your Real Estate Clients - Automatically

Billboard Ad for a real estate agent named Jen Hansen, of Blue River Real Estate,  selling a house on 221 Lennox ave, Bismarck, ND for $600k
Automatically Generated Real Estate Creative

Many OOH sales execs think promoting properties for their realtor clients would be tedious, but, it’s actually automatic. With an MLS connection, just like to Zillow, realtors can promote any of their current listings on digital billboards by simply choosing which properties they wish to promote.

Computer showing the screen of an MLS system
MLS System

No involvement of the sales exec is necessary. The real estate agent can even set a rule like ‘promote houses over $300,000’ and then no involvement of the agent is even necessary. Real estate billboards have never been easier, and more satisfying for the agent.

Additionally, read here to learn how about agents can automatically generate creatives with just a photo and a caption.


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