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Trailhead Media is Now Connected to Lucit

Bismarck, ND 10/12/2020 --- Lucit, the leading provider of digital billboard inventory connectivity software, is proud to announce an integration with Trailhead Media. Lucit allows businesses to customize their digital billboard campaigns, track their audience engagement, and gain valuable insights about their customers.

Trailhead Media’s clients are now able to connect to Lucit and automatically integrate their data with Lucit's software to be used in creative templates. Trailhead Media has 224 digital boards¹ in the South Eastern part of the United States. Their clients can now easily create and manage their digital billboards, boosting their analytics and marketing capabilities. Lucit gives businesses the ability to access comprehensive impressions data and engage in real-time marketing campaigns quickly and easily.

For a full list of operators integrated with Lucit visit our Integrations page.

¹ Billboardinsider. (2023, January 20). Billboard insider's 2023 list of 238 US bulletin/poster companies, ranked by Digital Faces. Billboard Insider™. Retrieved January 25, 2023, from


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