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Why Aren’t Local Rescues On Your Screens?

One screen could be the reason an animal finds its furever home.

Offer local rescues/animal shelters free backfill if it is available, or a discounted rate for serving your community. Let them know all the cool things they can do with the screens; your community will love it, and your screens will stand out.

Promote Adoptable Animals. Lucit will connect to their website, and automatically generate creatives with a name and photo of the animals that are available to be adopted.

Share animals with their new owners. Don’t just share the bad news, share the good news too. Share animals that have been adopted with their new owners! Celebrate that they found their furever home! Create them a furever home template, then all they have to do is click +Post, choose a photo of the animal with their new owner, and type their name.

Ask for help. One thing every animal rescue needs is help. This could be donations, volunteers, pet food or supplies, help finding a missing animal, etc. What better way to find help then let the entire community know you need help with the big screens that everyone drives by? Click +Post, choose an eye-catching photo, and type what is needed.

Advertise Fundraisers. Animal rescues often have some kind of fundraiser coming up or time-sensitive fundraisers for certain events like an unusual influx of rescue animals need expensive vet care. With post they can promote their fundraisers. With Lucit’s creative scheduler they can schedule the creative to run until the fundraiser is over, without having to worry about logging back in and removing the creative from rotation; it will be automatically removed.

Pro Tip: For local press, contact the news stations to do a story on the campaign. Get the news out about your screens and the rescue!

Contact us to get going on this asap.


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