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You can Bank on This Industry

What industry has a lot of money, strong competition, and the will to beat them? Banks. Banks are the perfect industry to put on digital billboards. Below are just a few examples of what they can do using Lucit.

Brand and Facial Recognition

No one wants to take out a loan with a face they've never seen. Get your brand and the friendly faces behind it on digital billboards so that when it's time to look at loans, people think of you!

Promote Services

Banks do a lot more than just open checkings and savings accounts. Remind people of this fact by promoting other services like business accounts, loans, investments, insurance, etc.

Hiring Campaigns

Billboards are the new job board. Use Lucit to promote open positions and take them down when they are filled. Competitors can't compete with having job listings on a billboard.

News and Events

Banks are often raising money and making donations to better the community. They also host or sponsor events. What better way to make their participation in the community known than by putting them on digital screens in the community?

Control at All Levels

Banks work in branches. That means that marketing directors might have several banks they work with. Using campaigns, Lucit can allow control on different levels. Separate campaigns that can all be accessed through an overarching corporate one is a great way to give everyone control. Individual branches can post their own events or open positions in their areas. Corporate can then be as involved as they want in the branches' campaigns or just stick to promoting generic advertisements.


We know bankers love numbers. That's why real-time analytics is the perfect way for the bank to see the benefits of their campaigns.

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