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  • Control is Crucial

    Lucit gives advertisers control of their digital billboard campaigns, and with that, we also give control

  • How to Control Ad Frequency

    From this home page, you can select the campaign that you want to control ad frequency for. A window will open that lists each of your creatives running and a slider to control the frequency. This only controls how often each individual creative runs within your campaign’s set number of plays

  • Take Charge of Your Campaign with Lucit's Real-Time Control

    This is where Lucit's Real-Time Control comes into play, empowering businesses to have confidence in

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  • On Premise Digital Sign Control

    system will be automatically added or removed and any other changes will also be automatically reflected Control Ad Frequency Control ad frequency with ease.

  • Lucit | Paisley Kelly Case Study

    estate agent at Coldwell Banker Alfred Saliba Realty, faced a problem with limited creative freedom and control However, the lack of control over her billboards made it difficult for her to showcase her brand effectively to her problem by offering a digital billboard platform that gave her complete creative freedom and control With complete creative freedom and control over her digital billboards, she was able to expand her reach were spending on changing out customer creatives and was able to provide their customers with more control

  • Dynamic OOH Creatives for Digital Screens

    Control your Campaigns The easiest to use campaign control tools on the market. Control, Analytics and cross vendor functionality in one place. Control Your Campaigns Never before has there been a single platform to control your creatives, manage control your creatives from your desktop or through the Lucit mobile app ​. Control dates and times, target specific screens, and strategically use share-of-voice frequency control

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