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5 Reasons OOH Account Exec’s Use Lucit

OOH account execs close more deals and keep clients longer with Lucit:

  1. Automotive – Car dealers who haven’t bought billboards in over 30 years, are making buys for the first time, because Lucit connects their inventory to their digital out-of-home campaigns

  2. Account execs who use Lucit, can see, in real time, the plays, stats and creatives that every client they have is running – right from their phone

  3. Is your client happy with their campaign? – Lucit shows YOU- the account rep- how often your customers are engaging with their digital campaigns

  4. Lucit works like Instagram and other social platforms, so if your client has a great looking Instagram or Facebook Page – they will LOVE Lucit, and they’ll buy your screens – it works the same way, only for digital out of home screens

  5. No more last minute friday night at 5pm creative changes – Your client has full control, 24 hours a day – Clients who update their content frequently, stay on your screens

Your competitors are using Lucit  – are you?

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