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Usually, Ctrl + F is the keyboard shortcut for launching a finding box. Then, you can locate a specific character, word, or phrase within a document or a webpage by simply inputting it in the finding box. This hotkey is extremely useful for quickly finding something in a long article.



Are you able to pull from any inventory system?

Do I have to run 100% inventory dynamic content, or can I also run a predesigned creative?

Can I limit which inventory appears?

Can I run different inventory on different screens?

What if I forget to manage my ads?

Can multiple people here (at the dealership, real estate brokerage, etc.) have access to the campaign?

Does Lucit support the customer after the sale or is that our (operator) job?

How do we schedule Lucit in our player?

Can we set play targets/limits?

I buy digital screens from multiple vendors. Will my campaigns work on Lucit?

How long does it take to set up an automotive data feed? A real estate feed?

What types of feeds can you pull? (In addition to Automotive and Real Estate)

Can I make my own ads?

Am I able to daypart?

If I have multiple ads running, how will it choose which ads to play?

What happens if all inventory is sold for the ones selected? Will it automatically pick more or just the post ads will run?

Will it ever run one of the inventory items that doesn't have a photo?

Where does the impression data come from?

Do I have to log in every day and manage my campaign?



Can I have multiple post templates?

Who makes the templates?

Do you design templates?



Are there protections in place to ensure nothing inappropriate runs on our screens?

What is the best way to sell Lucit /explain Lucit to our customers?



How many ads should I run (also, “what is the right number of ads to run”?)

Will it ever run one of the vehicles that doesn't have a photo?

Can we prevent inventory with generic or stock photos from playing?

Sometimes there is lag time between when a vehicle gets sold and when it's delivered, since the information about the vehicle doesn’t get removed from the website until it gets delivered, will end up on the billboard when in fact it has already been sold?


Real Estate

Can I control the ads for every agent?

What are the costs associated with Real Estate data feeds?

Will agents be able to see other agents' listings?



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