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Advertisers who Change their Creatives – Renew their Contracts

Why buy digital billboards if your message stays the same for months? – Digital signage has dramatically altered the way that OOH operators and their clients think about their advertising and their creatives.

In the article Why I Never Charge for Art, Neil Bell of New South Outdoor writes for Billboard Insider :

We have found that the advertisers that change their ads often with timely information are the customers who tend to renew their advertising contracts…I am also convinced that running relevant content is highly advantageous for them and generates better results.

This is an extremely important statement and helps to hit home the: Change your creative

This is one of the processes that Lucit Layout helps clients (and operators) attack. Because our system automatically generates creatives based on the latest inventory in the clients inventory management system, the creative stays fresh.

Auto dealers can bring in all of their latest used cars – automatically, real estate agents can promote their most recent listings, the day they are listed, furniture stores can promote the top items in their clearance centers. All with a smartphone app, and a few taps.

Give your clients creative control, give them Lucit


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