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An OOH Boom?

Retargeting, behavioral targeting, and the ability for apps and websites to track you across the web is dying, and Apple is leading the way. What does this mean for OOH? – Dollars spent on inventory digital re-targeting campaigns, now need somewhere to go, and they will flow to sources that make inventory promotion easy and automated. Digital OOH can rise up as major player for automated inventory marketing campaigns in automotive, ag, equipment, real-estate and other big-ticket inventory verticals.

Apple’s privacy announcement this year related to IOS 14 will drastically alter the ability for apps to track users outside of their own application – In fact, apps will have to specifically ASK for permission to track you – And our bet, (and to Facebook’s worst fears) – Is that users are going to opt out at every chance they can get. Facebook alone announced that the new IOS 14 privacy rules could cut their advertising revenue by 50%

This has been brewing for years (especially in Europe where privacy regulations and laws have been increasing year after year) and because Apple doesn’t earn revenue from advertising, they can take the user’s side over that of the advertiser. Will Google’s Android and Chrome follow suit? – Probably not, but you can bet Samsung will, and they currently hold a 50% market share on Android phones (and 30% of all phones) in North America.

Why is this good for OOH? – Simple : The entire lure of online advertising can be boiled down to Targeting, Clicks and Tracking Pixels – If Targeting and Tracking pixels become less and less effective, advertisers will start to look elsewhere for value on their advertising dollar.

Digital Out of Home, (and especially providers that can help clients effectively and easily market their inventory) will see a boom in revenues as dollars shift away from the now “old” internet tracking tech, to new digital display tech.

DOOH, with the right tech, can now make inventory marketing easy for the operator and the client. With automated creatives and applications that connect directly to inventory management systems for Auto, Ag, Outdoor, Real Estate, etc., DOOH providers will start to win those inventory marketing dollars as retargeting begins to fall apart.

You can’t get away from a giant billboard, you can’t opt out of a billboard, and you can’t miss their message.

Schedule a demo with Lucit to learn how you can take advantage of this boom.]


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