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Brace Yourself

Did you know that you can get Orthodontic offices to advertise on your screens? There are so many great options for their OOH orthodontic marketing plan. Read to find out what Lucit can do for your clients:

Availability Template  Lucit connects to back-end appointment management software (or website) and automatically generates creatives based on appointment availability. Clients can choose to display specific doctors and their availability too. 

Post Template Orthodontic clients can enjoy creative flexibility with the post template. There are so many different marketing possibilities. Display customer testimonials, procedures, clinic information, brace color options, and so much more!

Lucit’s post feature is also the easiest and most efficient way to post hiring campaigns on the big screen. Snap a pic of a current employee or grab a stock photo relevant to the ad. Then type the open position. It’s that easy! Lucit can also generate creatives based on open positions based on job listing on a client’s website.


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