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Connect your CRM / CMS System to Lucit

Connect your CRM system to Lucit to automate the process of building accounts and campaigns, and managing creative activations

Some use cases might be:

  • Ad Agencies who want to sync their account lists to Lucit to automate the process of adding clients to Lucit that they work with

  • Connect their marketing applications to Lucit to active / de-activate and place creatives on schedules that match up to their other marketing efforts

  • Pull Analytics data into their CRM System

  • Pull Campaign Data into your system to display independently of the Lucit UI

NOTE : This is a temporary guide, more feature rich documentation of this feature is coming soon

Key Concepts

  1. Build your app - See Your First Lucit Application for a step-by-step guide

  2. Give your app the Inventory Builder capability on the CAPABILITIES tab of your app settings

  3. Select the most appropriate permissions for the endpoints you wish to utilize

  4. Review the documentation for the various endpoints in the Lucit API that you might want to make use of


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