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Digital Billboard FAQ for Account Execs

What does Lucit do for digital billboards?

Our application:

  • Connects directly to the inventory systems of big-ticket customers (such as automotive dealers)

  • Pulls their inventory

  • Automatically generates the correct-sized digital billboard creative

  • Gives the client control over which inventory items will appear on the digital billboard

  • Automatically removes sold inventory and ensures item prices are up-to-date

What type of industries does Lucit work best in?

The primary target clients are automotive dealers, ag equipment dealers, boat, RV, real estate and any other big-ticket inventory customers that:

  • Maintain an active database of their inventory on-hand

  • Store photos of their inventory in their database

  • Can provide inventory feeds to third-party services

Can Lucit run different inventory items on different faces?

Lucit can perform simple actions, like "run these 3 items on this set of digital boards," and can also perform much more complex setups, such as:

  • Run all of my used Audis on the 5 boards in this market

  • Run all of my new Toyotas on 3 boards in this market

  • Whenever a vehicle has a price drop, run that vehicle immediately on all boards

  • ...Or, you design the rules, and Lucit can make it happen

How can I show a potential client the application?

You can login with your account at any time, and use the DF Motors account to show a client what the capabilities of the app are. You can perform any action on the DF Motors account as this is a demo account that is not running on real production digital boards.

I have a client interested in using Lucit, what are my next steps?

To bring on a new dealer client, we will need the following from you:

  • Dealership name and location(s)

  • Contact name/phone number/email

  • Details of the proposed billboard campaign (board ID's, locations and time frame)

From there, LUCIT will:

  • Gather the details of their inventory system

  • Identify who will develop the creative template(s) for their inventory. See specs and examples.

  • Set up their accounts, logins and inventory feeds

  • Provide the billboard feed to the traffic team at your billboard company

  • Schedule a meeting with the client to review the app and its capabilities

How much does Lucit cost?

Lucit is charged to the operator based on usage and the number of plays that are pulled from our system. Contact your lucit account rep to learn more.

What digital billboard hardware/software can you integrate with?

We work with a number of different architectures, each of which provides varying capabilities. Please view our Lucit Integrations page for more details.


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