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Double the Spend of Your Current Advertisers

Double the spend of your current advertisers by providing a few key features to their digital billboard campaign.

  • Transparency. Send them weekly statistics and give them the power to pull up real-time analytics whenever they’d like. This proves to them that their spend is functioning as it should, you are providing them all the plays that they’ve been promised, and constantly reminds them their campaign is running. Previously, advertisers may have rarely thought about their campaigns unless they happened to drive by the screens everyday. With Lucit, they are constantly reminded their campaign is running and it’s working.

  • Engagement. Advertisers are used to getting engagement from every medium they buy advertising from, Out of Home shouldn’t be any different. Notify them when a creative has received its first play so they’re reminded that their campaign is running, and what they are currently promoting. Notify them when a vehicle, a listing, a boat, etc. has sold so they feel like your digital billboard played a role in that sale.

  • Control. Give them direct control over their digital billboard campaign, like they have with all other advertising buys they make. Allow them to post an ad with just a photo and caption, upload full-size creatives, or add or remove current inventory to rotation, whenver they’d like from their phone or desktop computer.

  • Change. Help them promote constantly changing content with the same brand recognition that they’re used to. With Lucit it’s easy on you, easy on them, and better than the old way. It’s a win, win, win.

Let us know if you’re ready to double the spend of your current advertisers.


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